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Testimonials from Happy Clients!

“Thanks so much for everything you did Nick. You are amazing at what you do and your business is going to continue to grow and prosper. Wish you nothing but the best and look forward to coming back to visit you!” ~ Justin Kohlman

“Oh my gosh Nick, now I am crying!! Hayden loved his sessions with you. There was nothing better for a parent to walk in and hear your kid laughing and playing a game he loves. You have such a great business Nick and you are so wonderful with the kids. Thank you!!” ~ Sandra Kohlman

“Hey Nick, Just wanted to say thanks for the work you put in with Macie over the last couple of months. She did great at tryouts as you can see and she wanted me to send you a note to say thank you” ~ Robert Ryan

“My girls absolutely love going to the cages getting one on one batting coaching from Nick, both of the girls batting have improved immensely and their confidence. Love that there is never an argument to get them to go, and they are always pushing me out the door excited to get there. Thank you so much Nik for all your hard work and coaching. Very happy fastball mom seeing the endless excitement from my girls as they talk my ear off on the ride home” ~ Tammy Peters

“Nick has started some 1 on 1 coaching with my oldest son. When he came home from his time at the cages it was the happiest I had seen him, the biggest smile on his face and the most positive things to say about Nick! Thank you for your commitment to youth in baseball Nick!” ~ Mandy Woollacott

“Holy shit Nick! Thank you so much. Nolan found somebody to work with him that is really helping him progress but most importanty he is talking like he loves baseball again! The kid is so happy, great job man. I’m glad he has a mentor in baseball who’s heart is in the right place.” ~ Kenton Lien

“Nick, Chael wanted me to message you last night when he got home from winter camp last night but it was late. He came in as excited as I have ever seen him. They were having a competition on who could hit the hardest and longest and he said he was hitting dingers. He was only beat out by 1 other person and he said because he tipped his bat. He said it was all thanks to Nick and his amazing coaching. <3 We again want to thank you for everything! And would love to book some time next week!” ~ Mandy Woollacotte

“I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Nick and The Off Season for always creating such a welcoming and fun experience! Today I brought my 15 yr old in to get some one on one batting tips and was a huge success.. not only did he learn a lot and enjoy being there he couldn’t stop talking about it once we left and asking when we can book more time! Huge respect and I would recommend everyone checking out all they have to offer” ~ Tj Meise

“Thank you again so much for helping Olivia tonight. She was talking the whole way home about all the things she learned from you today.” ~ Serena Linthorne

“We have been going to The Off Season since they first opened the door. My girls love going to train for their fast pitch in both pitching and hitting. Nick from the beginning has always helped the girls in fundamentals and mechanics when it comes to their hitting which led into them taking private sessions with him. Both my girls have fun and take away so much.” ~ Kelly McAllister Torscher

“Nick is a fantastic coach but he is more than that. He takes such an interest in helping every kid that walks through the door, enjoys their successes as much as the player, and supports them when things aren’t going well. Nick has always been there for our son and I don’t have the words to say how much I appreciate what he does.” ~ Justin Kohlman

“You have helped Jaxson through a lot of life’s challenges, not just the sport. You and The Off Season is his 100 happy place. He can go from having his chin on the ground to being his wonderful fun, funny, caring self by going there. I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being you and caring about him and all the other kids so much. Know this, you are making such a difference for so many. Hugs to you! This world needs many more Nicks!!” ~ Debbie Paradis